Teaching Methodologies

Our teachers build connections and collaborations

All lesson plans are digitized using a powerful content tool and a teaching-learning solution using state-of-the-art platforms. This system carries content into networked classes through a lesson server. Qualified resource persons are engaged in a continuous process of development, creating a huge digital knowledge warehouse for educational content. This helps in meeting the demands of constant change almost instantly enables teachers to bring in the latest information on any subject right into the classroom.

Students involve actively in all learning activities which are reformed to both their interests and their cognitive phase of development.  Students partake in individual or group project work, often requiring the use of new technologies for research, presentation and editing.

The team of qualified managers and well-trained teachers with rich experience ensure that the learning and development of the child are handled with utmost love, compassion and care.

Each year the school chooses a theme to link together interdisciplinary activities and learning which involve the whole learning community with parents invited to contribute as well as external experts.

In the course of these interactive activities, the student will progress towards autonomy, developing knowledge, skills, competencies, initiative and creativity.

Pre-school Teaching Methodology

The kinder garten at HSI adapts the Montessori education system where learning is made interesting and fun filled. The preschool provides a platform for the kids to develop their motor and language skills through activity-based learning. Reading skills are enhanced through specially designed homemade books. The school provides an environment that is congenial for the student to grow.